With the vision of a fully automated cold chain, our mission is to safeguard your products every moment of their journey from you to your customer and ultimately to each patient.

We are here for you. From onboarding to mission accomplished.

Our mission is to offer the most agile logistics data service in the world. We’ve gotten so far by listening to the needs of our clients. Our service offers a set of tools on how to get started and to use the Logmore product family. 

Our team of dedicated professionals is here to move the ball further with you. We want to learn from your business and improve our offering to you accordingly.

The MaxTrace Advantage.

Achieve a fully automated cold chain.


MaxTrace goes far beyond just tracking temperature levels. It constantly measures the thermal energy level inside your shipper, creating a digital twin to accurately predict how long the box can maintain its required internal condition. Using a proprietary algorithm, this MaxTrace engine analyzes everything you’d expect – temperatures, journey duration – plus extras like lane risk factors, external weather data sources, and machine learning intelligence.  



Predictive data is delivered direct to control towers and visibility platforms via a secure API. With this, you win time to proactively deploy people and networks as needed to maximize thermal life and protect your contents.



MaxTrace is designed to be used with any packaging, device and software. This easy integration gives you freedom to create your implementation using current assets.

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