Achieve a fully automated cold chain with predictive intelligence. 

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Complete Cold Chain Management Platform 

Designed to be used with any packaging, or any device to manage and monitor all shipments in a single, all-inclusive, easy-to-use platform.


Compatible with any packaging, device, and software – allowing easy integration

Real-Time Visibility

At the touch of a button, view current shipment temperature, location, battery level, estimated arrival time, lane SOP compliance, and more in real-time.

Predictive Intelligence

Know if a temperature excursion is predicted up to 12 hours in advance. Actionable alerts allow ample time to react to prevent product loss

All-in-One Platform

Create shipments, manage and monitor all devices, and view completed shipment performance reports in one place – simplifying cold chain logistics

Predictive Intelligence

Safeguard your Products

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products have to be transported in thermal packaging to remain viable. MaxTrace allows customers to monitor the temperature of their shipments in real time and predict any deviations, ensuring the products are kept at the proper temperature and safe. Predictive intelligence enables MaxTrace to notify the user of an anticipated temperature excursion up to 12 hours in advance, allowing ample time to take action and prevent potential losses.

Device-agnostic software

Monitor and Manage All Shipments

MaxTrace is compatible with various temperature monitoring devices, allowing users to manage and monitor their shipments in one place. This cloud-based software’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to access and analyze data anywhere at any time. View a complete list of your devices, create shipments and monitor current locations, estimated arrival time, product and ambient temperatures, and temperature incidents.


Optimized Cold Chain

Real-time visibility, temperature excursion detection, and predictive analysis tools enables users to take action to prevent product loss in real-time.  To maximize operational effiencies further, users can also analyze previous shipment data to correct recurring incidents leading to temperature excursions, optimizing the supply chain overall.

Where we started

2020 DHL Innovation Challenge Winner

In 2020, MaxQ presented its innovation on dynamic energy response for cold chain shipments. The patented MaxTrace technology enables an exclusive capability to quantify the viable service life of a live shipment. Providing necessary actionable data and intelligence to enhance product safety and, ultimately, patient safety.