STILLWATER, Okla. – MaxQ Research, a leader in insulated cold chain packaging, was awarded first place in the 2020 DHL Life Science & Healthcare Innovation Challenge. The event was held July 2, 2020 via virtual webinar. 16 companies entered the challenge from across the globe, with four finalists selected to pitch their innovation in the webinar. The winner was chosen after a vote from the audience and a panel comprised of thought leaders and experts from the pharmaceutical, medical device, biologics manufacturing, and clinical trials industries.

MaxQ presented its innovation on dynamic energy response for cold chain shipments. The award-winning patented MaxTrace™ technology enables an exclusive capability to quantify the viable service life of a live shipment. Providing necessary actionable data and intelligence to enhance product safety and ultimately patient safety.

The MaxTrace™ solution can serve healthcare customers and help advance supply chain automation: David Bang, a member of the Board at MaxQ and a global leader in healthcare logistics, states, “MaxQ’s innovative temperature-controlled packaging and data solutions were designed and proven from the day-to-day frontline healthcare professionals’ perspectives. With COVID-19, healthcare service deliveries and clinical trials are being re-imagined to be more remote and data-driven, and MaxQ’s market position in over 500 hospitals globally and predictive solutions are a perfect combination for now and post-COVID situations.

Healthcare supply chain automation will be driven by three major forces out of the 4th Industrial Revolution: intelligence, integration, and speed. MaxQ’s innovation hits the core of all three of these forces in unique ways. For example, with this pandemic, clinical trials are becoming decentralized demanding smarter packaging solutions with remote data access capabilities. With MaxQ solutions, a Contract Research or Service Organization (CRO or CSO) can have visibility to the point of care levels, while its logistics partners are integrated with MaxQ’s intelligent core systems to become more predictive and prescriptive from end to end, which ultimately results in speed to drug discovery and care to patients.”

“One of the pressing concerns in the industry is to avoid and eliminate user error driven through way points. Our goal is to exclude such a possibility and facilitate a seamless supply chain. We envision each shipment to act as its own control tower, they can autonomously seek help only when needed. Delivering end-to-end traceability at scale.” said Dr. Balaji Jayakumar, COO of MaxQ. The MaxPlus family of Intelligent Shippers and Coolers with integrated MaxTrace™ tracking have been employed by diagnostic labs to transport patient specimens and to transport vaccines.

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