Eliminate Excursions with MaxTrace

Shipping clinical trial samples, vaccines, or pharmaceuticals is a dynamic challenge that relies on Standard operating procedures (SOPs). Traditionally shipping, storage, and transit procedures for biologics are developed over time using a process called lane mapping. This entails a time and labor-effort-intensive process which focuses on capturing potential risks that could damage the shipment. Pack-outs are developed and modified to tackle various environmental and logistical constraints. Thus a product may be shipped in different pack-outs to the same destination over the year to account for seasonal changes in environmental conditions. Any temperature excursion, even briefly, can lead to product degradation, rendering the samples useless and potentially jeopardizing patient safety.

However, no two shipments are alike, and weather, environmental, technical, and logistical challenges can also vary daily. Thus, there is a need for a solution that can reduce or even eliminate the long-drawn iterative pack-out development plan. Further, the solution has to be such that it provides proactive assessment and minimizes risks associated with temperature excursions

MaxQ’s proprietary MaxTrace™ device-agnostic, digital twin-based “transient thermal life predictor” provides the real-time energy of a shipper; along with the predicted time before the product could be lost due to temperature excursion. It provides real-time data and insight into potential issues. With complete visibility and possible temperature excursion alerts, MaxTrace offers confident peace of mind and allows for a focus on the mission of enhancing patient safety. With MaxTrace™ you know before corrective action is needed.

While shipping clinical trial samples, vaccines, or pharmaceuticals can be a challenging proposition MaxTrace automates risk avoidance and helps streamline the supply chain leading to significant cost savings.

Achieve a Fully Automated Cold Chain

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