Next-Generation Cold Chain Predictive Intelligence Software

Manage and monitor temperature-sensitive shipments in real-time in a single, all-inclusive, easy-to-use platform. MaxTrace analyzes temperature, journey duration, logistical metadata, and more in real time to predict potential temperature excursions and provide actionable insights enabling users to initiate the best preventative action for their shipments.

MaxTrace Thermal Intelligence Consulting Services

Turning Your Existing Data Streams Into True Thermal Intelligence

Our team of thermal intelligence professionals will work with you to analyze various data streams to identify the root cause of recurring pain points and develop data-driven countermeasures. Our goal is to help you use your existing data streams to develop a resilient supply chain.

With the vision of a fully automated cold chain, our mission is to safeguard your products every moment of their journey from you to your customer and ultimately to each patient.

We are here for you. From onboarding to mission accomplished.

Our mission is to offer the most agile thermal intelligence service. We are driven by customer needs and technical requirements, with a clear goal of patient safety.

Our team is ready to collaborate and grow your supply chain efficiency.